What’s New in Moodle 4

Moodle 4 brings significant enhancements to the user experience, aiming to make the learning management system (LMS) more user-friendly for both learners and educators.

One notable change is the revamped interface. The menu bar now resides in the header by default, enhancing navigation and contributing to a more streamlined experience. Learners can easily find what they need without unnecessary searching, making the learning process smoother.

Moreover, the dashboard has undergone a makeover, featuring a time-series list of tasks and an updated calendar with a more prominent display. These improvements empower students to better manage their time by providing a clear view of upcoming deadlines. Additionally, the ability to import and export calendars adds further flexibility to schedule organization.

A new addition is the My Courses menu item, designed to simplify the process of searching and filtering your enrolled courses. Now, navigating through courses is easier than ever, allowing users to quickly find the content they need.

The redesigned course page structure is geared towards fostering efficient and effective learning experiences. Not only does it streamline searching, but the collapsible course page blocks also aid learners in focusing on specific content or activities. From viewing course descriptions and requirements to tracking completion and deadlines, learners can easily access the information they need to stay organized and on track with their studies.

With the integration of BigBlueButton in Moodle 4, students can immerse themselves in a virtual classroom setting. Through video conferences, they have the opportunity to engage with their classmates and share screens, fostering collaboration and interactive learning.

Additionally, an updated “user tour” feature guides students through the system, helping them to familiarize themselves with Moodle, get started smoothly, and discover new features seamlessly. This user-friendly approach ensures that students can navigate the platform with ease, maximizing their learning experience.

Changes for Admins and Teachers

The “Edit mode” button is now presented in the form of a toggle button. You’ll find it conveniently located in the top right corner, offering a more intuitive way to toggle between editing and viewing modes. This streamlined design enhances user experience, making content management smoother and more accessible.

The new version also makes it easier for teachers to create and edit courses.

The admin interface now boasts a sleeker design, making it easier to navigate and use.

The primary navigation, including options like Home, Dashboard, and Site Administration, remains fully customizable. Further settings are now moved into the secondary navigation. For instance, when you click on Site Administration, you’ll find the most important setting categories as tabs. Choosing Courses, then Manage courses and categories will open the well known page for handling categories and courses. After navigating to a course page, the secondary navigation will contain the most important course related settings, along with drop-down menu labelled “more” for further configuration and editing options.

One new great feature of the new course index on the left side is that instructors can easily rearrange activities within a course. You have the flexibility to display the course index and blocks individually or together. Clicking on an activity not only opens the linked page but also closes the course index simultaneously.

In Moodle 4, as you create a course and add activities, you’ll notice a updated set of icons.

As a new feature, students can now be notified about any course updates via email, ensuring they’re always in the loop.

The question bank’s functionality was also updated. Instructors now have enhanced capabilities for analysing questions, and making adjustments based on those findings. They can evaluate the effectiveness of questions and provide comments in the dedicated “Comments” field.


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As highlighted earlier, Moodle 4 introduces several exciting features for both students and teachers. Now, let’s summarize these enhancements:

  • A revamped interface for smoother navigation and enhanced user experience
  • Introduction of “My Courses” menu item for efficient search and filtering of enrolled courses
  • Updated Dashboard featuring tasks organized in a time-ordered list and a more prominent calendar
  • Collapsible and expandable Course Index for improved activity management
  • Enhanced display of icons when adding activities to courses
  • Implementation of a “User Tour” to assist learners in familiarizing themselves with platform features

The author of the workshop article is Lívia Hosszú, a student of pedagogy specializing in e-learning development. She worked as a curriculum developer at Klippe from 2022 to 2023.


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