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Klippe Learning provides e-learning materials on a range of skills development, soft skills and pandemic response topics. Our products typically offer learning time from 15 minutes to 6-8 hours within a given topic. The materials are designed to provide colleagues with the skills, baseline knowledge, and essential understanding they need.

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Off-the-Shelf Skill-building Learning Materials

Embark on a journey through 8 engaging topics where you and your colleagues will delve into the fundamental concepts of your chosen skill. Join the team at a fictitious event management company as they guide you through a common framework story. Our learning materials are designed to support your progress with a range of hands-on tasks set in real-world scenarios. Get ready for an interactive experience filled with playful exercises, informative videos, questionnaires, and self-assessment quizzes.


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When some team members operate from the office while others embrace remote work, managers encounter fresh challenges. Our latest training content, crafted in partnership with X-SIGHT, is tailored to equip managers with the tools they need. Topics include flexibility, organizational strategies, performance evaluation, diversity, emotional intelligence, hybrid meetings, online collaboration, ergonomics, and maintaining a healthy 3D balance in the workplace.

? Recommended learning time: 1-1.5 hours

?️ Keywords: hybrid leadership, collaboration, personal effectiveness, online communication

Hibrid vezetés
Mindennapi védelmünk


The new type of coronavirus has changed our everyday lives. In a microlearning format, our Everyday Protection curriculum helps you to working safely, based on professional guidance and materials from leading health experts and doctors. It can be ordered separately or as part of the NoCoVid programme, which includes risk assessment and legal assistance.

? Recommended learning time: 15 minutes

?️ Keywords: covid-19, coronavirus, wash your hands, safety, hygiene


Whether your colleagues are new to public speaking or seasoned veterans, this tutorial is designed to benefit everyone. From mastering the basics to discovering insider tricks and essential rules, participants will engage in playful exercises to hone their presentation skills.

? Recommended learning time: 3 hours

?️ Keywords: presentation, communication, networking, influencing


In addition to covering fundamental project processes, this curriculum dedicates special attention to introducing the various project stakeholders and the key characteristics of projects. This content is specifically tailored for colleagues who are new to project work, providing them with essential insights to navigate the project landscape effectively.

? Recommended learning time: 2 hours

?️ Keywords: project, project members, implementation, stakeholders, approach


While our online version of one of the most renowned training courses doesn’t directly resolve conflicts, it equips colleagues with a foundational understanding of the subject. This knowledge proves invaluable in untangling previously perplexing workplace scenarios. If you’re part of a team and seek insights into assertive communication or diverse conflict management strategies, don’t miss out on this course.

? Recommended learning time: 3 hours

?️ Keywords: conflict, assertive communication, treatment strategies


In today’s workplace, negotiations are a part of daily life for all professionals. This course provides essential knowledge on negotiation tactics and how to effectively employ them. Participants will learn how to present these tactics with a persuasive negotiating style and craft compelling argumentation solutions. Moreover, the course delves into understanding the various roles individuals play in negotiations and interpreting the reactions of negotiating partners, offering valuable insights into deciphering subtle cues.

? Recommended learning time: 2 hours

?️ Keywords: communication, negotiation, argumentation, handshake


Tailored mainly for employees engaged in cross-departmental collaborations or interfacing with company partners such as suppliers and customers. Participants will delve into fundamental communication strategies, discover effective tools, and explore best practices for nurturing and managing relationships.

? Recommended learning time: 3 hours

?️ Keywords: communication, customer relations, active listening


The course will introduce staff to the techniques and characteristics of effective communication. They will learn about the general process of communication and the importance of assertive dialogue.

? Recommended learning time: 2 hours

?️ Keywords: communication, conflict management, assertive, passive


Geared towards managers navigating diverse management scenarios, this topic offers a comprehensive toolkit. It explores leadership behaviours, effective communication techniques, feedback strategies, and motivation solutions. Additionally, participants will gain insights into tools for evaluating employee performance, empowering them to lead with confidence and efficiency

? Recommended learning time: 3 hours

?️ Keywords: motivation, leadership, performance motivation, communication

E-learning készségfejlesztés


The course delves into the power of teamwork and essential communication techniques vital for effective team dynamics. Participants will explore strategies for addressing common challenges encountered in teamwork and discover methods for motivating team members to achieve shared goals.

? Suggested learning time: 1 hour

?️ Keywords: team communication, problem solving, peer stimulation


Discover a transformative training resource on time management, packed with invaluable tips and tricks equivalent to a 2-day training seminar, expertly crafted by Valoro Consulting. Presented in an engaging and playful format featuring illustrated characters, this material offers a fresh perspective on mastering time management skills.

?? This course is available in English and Hungarian!

? Recommended learning time: 4 hours

?️ Keywords: self-awareness, goals, prioritising, saying no, time-wasters



E-learning courseware about e-learning courseware. No worries if your staff creates the learning materials instead of Klippe (yet). After completing this courseware, you’ll be equipped to produce even higher-quality materials!

? Recommended learning time: 1 hour

?️ Keywords: e-learning, curriculum development, interactivity, motivation


With many jobs now adaptable to remote work, the landscape is evolving, and so are the rules. Our telecommuting course is tailored to introduce the intricacies of the home office setup, shedding light on the shifting dynamics of communication and contact protocols. Additionally, we delve into personal effectiveness, addressing goal setting, self-motivation, and work organization strategies. A separate management module is also available, covering effective organizational and team management practices specifically tailored for remote working environments.

?? This course is available in English and Hungarian!

? Recommended learning time: 8 hours

?️ Keywords: home office, self-motivation, personal time, virtual relationships, assertiveness, work alcoholism, sub-mission, calendar planning, meeting culture, conflict management

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