Digital Learning Content Creation

You can train your colleagues with unique and immersive e-learning.

Learning Management System Deployment

Your colleagues can learn in a fully customized, easy-to-use environment.

Consultancy and Training

We train and advise on distance learning and e-learning.

Who we are? E⁠⁠‑learning experts.

Experience and Innovation

With over a decade of experience, we’re deeply engaged in digital training, crafting intricate e-learning materials, and implementing e-learning systems. As digital education experts and adept software developers, we’re dedicated to staying ahead of trends and delivering innovative solutions in both content and systems.

Whether you have a clear vision or need us to dream it up for you, our team is committed to creating the perfect solution. Expect bespoke content, infused with creativity and motivation, alongside a platform tailored precisely to your needs.

You have…

Many new entrants?
Lengthy onboarding?
Excessive compliance trainings?
Numerous software to use?
A need for work and fire safety trainings?
If the answer’s yes to any of these questions, contact us – we’ve got solutions!

Creating E-learning Content

When it comes to crafting professional e-learning content, we steer clear of simply digitizing offline or PDF-based materials. Instead, we engineer unique content made for online environments, ensuring effective learning experiences for your colleagues, students, or clients. Our approach cuts through unnecessary complexities, allowing learners to progress at their own pace, according to their existing knowledge and habits.


By distilling the essence of the learning content, customizing graphic elements to suit learners’ needs, and facilitating continuous feedback. We break down curriculum content into manageable modules for easier comprehension. Our interactive learning tools not only engage students but also inspire motivation through gamified learning experiences.

At Klippe, we’re firm believers in placing learners at the heart of the digital learning process, supported by professionally curated content. And while our curriculum sets a solid foundation, we understand it’s a work in progress – we remain in constant communication with you to ensure updates are seamlessly integrated.

You need a quick solution?

If custom development isn’t feasible due to time constraints or capacity issues, explore our Instant Klippe learning contents for ready-to-use resources.

A Unique E‑Learning System Tailored to You

We’ll assist you in setting up unique e-learning systems (Learning Management Systems – LMS) that cater to educators, trainers, or HR professionals overseeing education initiatives. Go beyond mere design – we’ll customize the system to fit your unique needs, developing user-friendly interfaces and incorporating bespoke graphic elements to align with your corporate identity.

A well-configured e-learning system streamlines content sharing, allowing seamless integration of PDFs, presentations, and advanced e-learning materials. Moreover, it provides comprehensive reporting functionalities to track content usage effectively

Our systems boast robust communication features, including built-in messaging services, customizable chat modules, and online forums, fostering rich interaction among users. We primarily advocate for open-source systems (like Moodle or Ilias) for their extensive customization options in both design and functionality.

Our commitment doesn’t end with system setup and personalization. We remain steadfast in supporting your ongoing work and continually enhancing your system to meet evolving needs.

➡️ We will introduce and configure your system to be ready to use in 24 hours! Interested? Learn more here!

Teaching You the Secrets of E‑learning

Unlock the potential of creating captivating, interactive, and inspiring learning content for your students with our guidance. We’re here to help you explore the latest trends and best practices in digital learning content creation, and gain insights into what sets exceptional e-learning materials apart.

Discover the myriad possibilities an e-learning system offers beyond basic functionalities like content uploads and exams. We’ll help streamline administrative tasks, ensuring a user-friendly online learning and training experience.

Our training programs range from half-day workshops to comprehensive 12-week courses, suitable for beginners to advanced users alike. Whether you’re entirely new to e-learning or seeking to enhance your proficiency with the system, we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

Who Have We Worked With?

    How to reach us?

    For further information on our distinctive content development process, e-learning systems, or if you require training in digital learning, reach out to us here!
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    Péter Balkányi
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    Certified Moodle Educator

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