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Personalized e-learning system

An e-learning system, also known as a Learning Management System (LMS), is a digital space that provides a platform and functionality for the learning process. At Klippe, we introduce a uniquely designed, well-configured LMS: we introduce an easy-to-use interface with custom graphic elements, you and your learners do not need any serious ICT knowledge.

  • Is it possible to offer varied and interactive lessons online?
  • Is it easy to share my learning materials?
  • Are there assessment options?
  • Is it possible to create statistics and reports based on student performance?
  • Can we make great distance learning?

The answer to all these questions is yes!

An e-learning system is the professional solution for online learning for your colleagues and learners.

Interactive tools are used to facilitate asynchronous learning, i.e. learning at the learner’s own pace.

? Communicate with your learners or colleagues! ?️ Make your learning content accessible!
?Track the colleagues’ progress! ? Examine and report on the learners’ performance!

What can a well-configured LMS do?

We believe in open source LMS systems such as Moodle, Canvas, IOMAD and Ilias, which can be tailored to our customers’ needs. We can help you choose the right one and train you how to use it.

Once you have begin using an e-learning framework-system, we will continue to support you, advise you on how to use it or improve it, we also make bespoke developments on open source systems.

manage multiple courses at once

training of new colleagues, fire and safety at work, specific vocational training, new products training

developing a multi-level training solution

sequenced learning materials and/or courses, assessment and quiz modules, refresher courses

repository of educational aids and materials

lecture ppts, guides and interactive pdfs

play complex, interactive e-learning content

interactive and rich multimedia content (e.g. videos, animations, simulations, role-play, situation-based scenarios etc.)

automatic assessments

questions banks, randomly assigned questions, timing, more than a dozen question types

statistics and reporting

measuring the time spent with learning, pass/fail rates, tracking progress, etc.

LMS quick and easy

You can start your online training right away and without problems. We keep the e-learning system up-to-date and monitor its operation. You can focus on teaching! If you need support, we are always available, not just technical but with methodological questions!

E-learning system prices

The prices shown are net fees. They do not include VAT at 27%.
The system is available within 24 hours of ordering.

For small learning communities
  • Users Unlimited
  • Courses Unlimited
  • Assessments Unlimited
  • Design Basic level settings
  • --------------
  • Training One-off 2-hour online
  • Support On hourly rate
  • --------------
  • Updates Ongoing
  • Domain subdomain
  • Security SSL
  • Backup Automatic
  • Environments Live
  • Storage 10 GB
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If there are more than 100 students
  • Users Unlimited
  • Courses Unlimited
  • Assessments Unlimited
  • Set up embedded reports
  • Design Custom logo and colors
  • Initial course structure + users setup
  • Video conferencing solution
  • --------------
  • Training 2*8 hours per year
  • Support 2 hours free per month
  • --------------
  • Updates Ongoing
  • Domain Subdomain or own
  • Security SSL
  • Backup Automatic
  • Environments Live and Test
  • Storage 50 GB
I'm interested!
If there are more than 500 students
Custom price
  • Users Unlimited
  • Courses Unlimited
  • Assessments Unlimited
  • Custom reports
  • Custom design (according to company guidelines)
  • Custom content design
  • Custom video conferencing solution
  • Customized processes
  • --------------
  • Customized on-site training
  • Customized support as agreed
  • --------------
  • Custom upgrade plan
  • Custom hardening solutions
  • Customized backup plan
  • Custom environments
  • Custom storage area or deployed system

Do you need a different package?

How much do you plan spending on implementing an e-learning system?
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Diverse communication

forums, chat, internal and external messaging, blogging

There are many ways to get information to its destination quickly and to communicate effectively. Whether learners are talking to each other or asking the instructor a question, there is no need to leave the e-learning system and have different apps. In addition, the systems naturally support the email-based forms of communication.

  • one of the early Internet’s most popular tools was the forum, which sorted posts one by one

  • chatting within the LMS can be used for online consultations or as a simple notification solution

  • no need to bother with external email streams

  • allows you to start your own blogs or news feeds

Files and learning content

file sharing, SCORM compatible learning materials,
internal content editing tool

A basic capability of e-learning systems is the ability to store and share different educational content. Ppt or pdf files can be easily uploaded, but also a library, a folder system, a database, a wiki module or a glossary can be created.
In addition to files, the system manages standard e-learning content which is rich in interactive and multimedia content.

Assessment, quizzes and knowledge testing

tests, quizzes, examinations, administration of assignments
continuous feedback, scoring systems, questionnaires

Monitoring and giving feedback is perhaps one of the most important elements of the (e-)learning processes. A well-constructed exam gives important feedback to both the instructor and the participant: whether there are misunderstandings, how well the material is understood, whether the training is of good enough. Evaulation can be automatic, so the instructor only has to deal with the statistics and the special needs.

  • multiple-choice, true/false, digit, essay, pairing, sequencing, hotspot, calculus, etc.

  • with automatically and randomly assigned questions uploaded to a question bank

  • set the length of the exam, the start and end time, the maximum number of seats or the interval between the time of application for the exam

  • deadlines, secure exam windows (with certain features – such as copying – disabled)

How can you have your e-learning system?

Following the simple process below and you can have an e-learning system in 24 hours! Typically, training starts within 3-4 weeks after the first contact. Over the past 12 years, we have developed our own best practices for setting up and customizing open source systems through dozens of LMS implementations. Customization is based on a precisely constructed checklist, so the implemented system will be exactly what’s best for your organization.

Contact us!
On the basis of an initial discussion we will send you an indicative offer and proposal about the project.
A precise quote will be sent after a more detailed assessment of your needs.
Accept our offer! 🙂
We set up the selected system according to your needs and Klippe's best practice.
We set up your initial courses and users.
We customize the look and feel of your e-learning framework.
In a workshop we will demonstrate the use of the system to key users.
Upload your first course materials and start training.

Implemented Learning Management Systems


Klippe best practical aspect


Courses for learning


Expert hours


Learners in systems

What else can an e-learning system give you on an advanced level?

Manages groups and provides an interface for group work (e.g. peer-review, group messaging).

Evaluate performance (e.g. continuous feedback, scoring system, quizzes, questionnaires).

Ensure appropriate knowledge management (e.g.: systematic collection, organisation, retrieval of knowledge of a given group or institution).

Facilitate the learning process through gamification (e.g.: storytelling, reward system, introduction of badges, points).

What do our customers ask most often?

  • Yes! By default, the company logo, colors and even fonts can define the new site. And for a more complex level of identity, our graphic designers can work with you on any design!

  • Yes! With and addition to the system, the LMS can generate attendance sheets or even administer the face-to-face, on-site sessions.

  • The LMS records all clicks and activities, so a wide range of data can be extracted, e.g. information at individual or group level. The form of a report can also comply with legal requirements. The open system can be extended to implement fully customized and unique reporting needs.

  • Yes! Once the necessary conditions have been met, the system can automatically make available the document proving that you have completed the course, reducing the administrative burden.

  • Yes! There are a number of built-in notification solutions, but with custom development any kind of notification can be integrated into the learning process.

  • Yes! Even within a course, we can make it possible to control that certain activities (e.g. a quiz) can only be accessed if another activity (e.g. viewing course material) is completed. But you can also add courses one after the other (e.g. in the case of repetitive lessons or content that builds on each other).

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