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Over the years, we have been involved in dozens of e-learning system implementations. This experience has shown us that the world of reports and data is a recurring issue in all cases. Every manager wants to see where their team is, who has attended what training, and what results they have achieved. In addition, each organization has unique needs for its reporting. To deliver the best solutions for our customers and their partners, we have found the best reporting tool and become an official reseller partner of IntelliBoard! Below we’ve summarized what you can use IntelliBoard’s system for in your existing LMS or the LMS we’re implementing.



When it comes to e-learning courses, we have a wealth of opportunities to delve into the data! Beyond just surveys and reports, we can leverage precise data to inform our decisions. This requires a tool that showcases the critical facets of our training via user-friendly and transparent interfaces.


Let’s make the most of our data by interpreting it! Transforming it into clear, transparent reports empowers managers to swiftly and easily track their teams’ progress. With IntelliBoard, you can achieve this through scheduled reports or dynamic visual dashboards!


Stay current on the effectiveness of e-learning training with real-time data, empowering managers to track colleagues’ progress on both mandatory and optional training via IntelliBoard. Gain transparent and timely insights into the results and advancement of certified training across the organization.

IntelliBoard - Klippe

Where IntelliBoard Shines

Here are six areas where IntelliBoard lends support, enabling you to deliver more effective and comprehensive training to your colleagues while offering transparent results to your managers.

1. Analyse and Compare!

Gain insights to aid decision-making with intricate reporting and analytics. Identify the progression of both your organization and learners. Instantly identify the most popular courses. Pinpoint over- and underperforming courses. Understand the utilization of your entire e-learning system.

2. Track Results in Real Time!

User-friendly reports with straightforward interpretation. Displaying data in clear graphs and charts, IntelliBoard simplifies understanding. Opt for scheduled reports for added convenience. Grant access to specific colleagues by grouping, such as by department. Swiftly review performance and grasp emerging trends.

3. Track Progress!

Leverage data to make informed decisions and easily compare course progress with a glance. Identify colleagues who complete or drop out of activities, or follow individual learning paths, all through a colour-coded, intuitive display of study details.

4. Get and Send Notifications!

Generate customized and scheduled reports to ensure pertinent information reaches the appropriate recipients promptly. Define roles based on organizational hierarchy, granting individuals access to relevant information as needed.

5. Step in when Necessary!

Guide learners and shape learning trends with automated notifications. Configure alerts and progress reports to stay informed. Identify colleagues who require additional support promptly. Distinguish between courses utilizing effective tools and those needing improvement.

6. Rest Assured with Security

Both Klippe and IntelliBoard prioritize data protection. Your data remains yours! IntelliBoard securely stores your data in the appropriate location to meet your customers’ requirements. Data travels only through secure (https) and encrypted (Amazon SSL) connections. Moreover, IntelliBoard is Privacy Shield certified since 2019!


LMS Deployment

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Get instant information on colleague performance, retention, training turnover, and related expenditure and income!

Custom Interfaces

Every company and every manager is different; with IntelliBoard, you can create unique dashboards and different levels of reporting for different levels of managers.


Harness the power of your data! Stay up-to-date with over 120 reports and related alerts in IntelliBoard and make informed business decisions with intelligent reporting solutions.

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