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Sitting in front of a computer is different. We concentrate differently, we take in information differently, we remember the knowledge we have acquired differently.

We know these processes well. Through our own 5C curriculum development process, backed up by scientific research, we create bespoke e-learning content and distance learning solutions for our clients that are content- and learner-centred and based on the e-learning by design approach.


E-learning content with a learner- and content-centred approach

Elearning tananyag

We know that people with different skills learns with our products, their socio-cultural backgrounds, personalities and abilities are differ. Participants may also have different input competences, learning styles and routines or habits. When the process is asynchronous, i.e. learners learn at their own pace, the time available to learn becomes an important factor.

In terms of content, whether it’s attitude shaping, knowledge transfer or even specific skills training, at Klippe we aim to deliver a professionally impeccable product, both pedagogically and technology-wise. That’s why we think together with our methodological experts, graphic designers and developer colleagues when we create our teaching materials.

E-learning by Design

Our professional principles are underpinned by a vision of Design Thinking. We believe that it is important that a service or product should not only satisfy functional needs: design should create value in long-term, with people-centered design. That is why we focus specifically on learning and teaching in front of the screen throughout the whole development process of the e-learning content.

A Change in Content Consumption Patterns

We have heard this phrase repeated for years, and for good reason. To quote another well-known fact: the development of technology affects every aspect of our lives. It is essential to consider the colourful media space that surrounds a learner.

Infocommunication Technology

In technical terms, we also take into account skills related to the use of ICT (information and communication technology) tools. This means that before any e-learning development process, we assess the ICT knowledge and skills of our learners.

It's Different on a Computer

A student sitting alone in front of a computer is exposed to many different influences, than a student in a classical classroom. We take these circumstances into account, and assess the possibilities of both individual and group learning.

Blended Learning

In-person or face to face training and e-learning content are not mutually exclusive, but can be complementary and reinforcing each part when we design a training.

E-learning tananyag

E-learning Course-ware List Prices

The prices shown are net fees. They do not include VAT (27%).
For a Klippe course material, with 1 hour of learning time. This can be either a single, 1 hour long learning material or 5-10 microlearning modules.

If you need content immediately
from 8
EUR / person
  • E-learning by design yes
  • Learning pathways linear
  • Interactivity high
  • Multimedia visual
  • Framework story yes
  • Unique identity yes
  • Narration partial
  • Knowledge measurement built-in
  • Development time none - available immediately
  • Update none
  • Costs monthly/yearly or perpetual license
Klippe e-learning content
Proven solutions, fast development
from 990
EUR / course
  • E-learning by design yes
  • Learning pathways Klippe best practice
  • Interactivity high
  • Multimedia high quality graphics
  • Framework story Klippe best practice
  • Unique identity Klippe best practice
  • Narration optional
  • Knowledge measurement optional
  • Development time 3-4 weeks
  • Update extra charge
  • Costs one-off development fee
Completely unique content
Custom price
  • E-learning by design yes
  • Learning pathways fully customised
  • Interactivity outstanding individual solutions
  • Multimedia high quality custom graphics - videos and animations
  • Framework story completely unique
  • Unique branding completely unique
  • Narration yes
  • Knowledge measurement optional
  • Development time 2-3 months
  • Upgrade extra charge
  • Costs one-off development fee
AGILE Klippe
Ongoing, flexible cooperation
Unique monthly or hourly rate
  • E-learning by design yes
  • Learning pathways fully customised
  • Interactivity outstanding individual solutions
  • Multimedia high quality custom graphics - videos and animations
  • Framework story completely unique
  • Unique branding completely unique
  • Narration optional
  • Knowledge measurement optional
  • Development time ongoing
  • Update continuous
  • Feedback continuous
  • Costs monthly or hourly rate

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What is Good E-learning Content?

Want to know more about what makes Klippe learning materials interactive and motivating? Read on!

How Do We Develop Curriculum at Klippe?

At Klippe, we see the whole development process as a so-called five-cycle – 5C – model, based on our scientific research. The 5C takes a non-linear approach to curriculum development: it focuses on continuous feedback and cycles associated with each development phase. Hover your mouse over the pulsating dots to read more about each cycle.

The central cycle is learning itself. After observing a learning cycle, it is always necessary to evaluate it, so we can move to new opportunities on the basis of accurate information – and only then start a new creative cycle. This process involves designing, prototyping and then feedback about the concept and the product(s). A general entry point can be the design phase.

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