Most Useful Moodle Plugins in E-learning

Moodle stands out as a dynamic open source e-learning platform, written in PHP. Rooted in effective teaching strategies, Moodle finds its application across educational institutions and corporate settings alike. You can opt for either the traditional installable version or the convenient cloud-based variant, which requires a subscription. While it boasts a plethora of handy built-in tools, there’s a wealth of Moodle plugins waiting to enrich the learning journey further. Explore our Journal entry where we’ve curated a selection of these invaluable additions!

Using Moodle Plugins

Unlocking the potential of Moodle is a breeze with plugins, accessible through the official Moodle plugin library. These versatile add-ons allow you to tailor the platform to your specific needs. From streamlining course editing to fostering communication and boosting learner engagement, plugins serve a myriad of purposes. With over 2000 plugins currently at your disposal and the collection continuously expanding, the options can seem overwhelming. Fear not! We’re here to lend a helping hand in navigating this sea of choices.

Moodle Plugins Good to Have

BigBlueButtonBN Moodle plugin

Enhance Communication

BigBlueButton is a robust video conferencing system tailored for online education. This mostly open-source platform is a game-changer, facilitating virtual classes, interactive tutorials, and seamless collaboration among learners, irrespective of their geographical locations. With BigBlueButton, real-time sharing of audio, video, slides, and screens becomes effortless. Moreover, its chat functions and side rooms foster engagement, while content recording ensures valuable sessions can be revisited later.

Originally launched in 2008 by Blindside Networks, the subsequent creation of the BigBlueButtonBN Moodle plugin has seamlessly integrated its most essential features directly into Moodle, offering users unparalleled convenience.

H5P Moodle plugin

Create Course Content

H5P stands as a robust authoring tool, empowering you to craft diverse e-learning materials. From engaging quiz slides to interactive videos and simulations featuring branching scenarios, it offers a plethora of options. Its key strength lies in granting access to various interactive content types, facilitating seamless sharing and content reuse.

Ad-hoc database queries Moodle plugin

Improve Reports & Analitics

The Open University’s reporting database query plugin enables swift retrieval of data from the database through SQL select queries. You can generate reports on-the-fly or schedule them for automatic execution, whether it’s weekly, monthly, or as per your preference. View the results conveniently in HTML spreadsheets or download them in CSV format.

disable right click moodle plugin

Protect Content

With the disable right-click Moodle plugin, safeguarding your website and course content from unauthorized copying and reuse becomes effortless. This tool ensures content protection without resorting to aggressive deterrents. Moreover, it extends beyond right-clicking to disable other shortcuts such as select (Ctrl+A), cut (Ctrl+X), copy (Ctrl+C), save (Ctrl+S), paste (Ctrl+V), and view source (Ctrl+U). Should you desire, you have the flexibility to enable these functions selectively for specific pages.

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course recompletion Moodle plugin

Create Course Content

The Course Recompletion Moodle plugin offers a convenient way to reset completed activities within the course. It effectively removes online assignments and their corresponding results based on the specified duration. Subsequently, it notifies course participants to revisit and complete the course afresh. This functionality proves especially beneficial for courses mandated to be retaken annually within specific organizations. Throughout the reloading procedure, course results and participants’ certificates are cleared, with the plugin securely storing them in a dedicated table for future reference.

Microsoft 365 Moodle plugin

Improve User Experience

By integrating specific Microsoft 365 extensions into Moodle courses, this feature streamlines workflows for instructors, enhancing the efficiency of managing course content and creating assignments.

Game Moodle plugin

Enhance Learner Motivation

Gamification leverages gaming elements within e-learning to boost course participation and enhance learner engagement. The Game Moodle plugin facilitates this by seamlessly integrating games directly into courses. Through this extension, interactive games can be generated using course questions, quizzes, and vocabulary. This enables the inclusion of popular games like crosswords, sudoku, or hangman, enriching the learning experience for course participants.

Socialwall Moodle plugin

Enhance Learner Motivation

To infuse social dynamics into your e-learning environment and refresh its interface, consider incorporating the Socialwall Format plugin. This plugin effectively converts your e-learning system into a social platform, complete with a timeline and posts. Learners and educators can seamlessly exchange files or URLs, fostering communication and collaboration. The plugin encourages interaction, allowing teachers and participants to react to each other’s posts effortlessly. Furthermore, learners gain insight into their course progress and receive feedback directly on their timeline, enhancing the learning experience.

Improve User Experience

The All backups Moodle plugin proves invaluable for tidying up cluttered repositories overwhelmed with numerous backup-related files. Whether they’re stored in private file spaces or elsewhere, this tool empowers you to organise your backups efficiently. It offers the functionality to delete or restore files as needed, streamlining your backup management process.

Create Course Content

The Content Pages extension simplifies course creation by enabling you to seamlessly incorporate text, images, and multimedia elements. Content is structured across pages to ensure an optimal reading experience for learners. Additionally, it includes three built-in tools for assessing knowledge: true/false, multiple-choice, and matching questions. Moreover, this Moodle plugin facilitates learner engagement by allowing course participants to offer feedback on the course material and engage in discussions by responding to peer comments.

Edwiser Moodle plugin

Create Course Content

Various Moodle plugins are available to change the platform’s design and customize content layout. Edwiser Course Formats stands out for frontend revamping. With the card format, course sections and activities are elegantly showcased as stacked cards on the main page, offering a visually appealing interface. Conversely, the list format provides a minimalist approach, presenting activities in a natural, easy-to-navigate list format.

Learning Analytics Enriched Rubric Moodle plugin

Improve Reports & Analitics

This analytical plugin serves as a valuable tool for evaluating student performance by leveraging assessment rubrics, a commonly employed method in education. It assesses learners’ interactions and learning behaviour within courses, providing insights into their progress and engagement.

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