Who are we?

E-learning Specialists!

Experience and Innovation

For 14+ years, we have been providing digital training, creating complex e-learning materials, and implementing systems. We are digital education experts and software developers, and we follow trends and offer innovative solutions in our learning materials and designs.
Our team will create the solution you dream of, or we can dream it for you if you don’t know what you need. We work with your content, use creative and motivating methods, and deliver a solution tailored to you.

Why Klippe is Your Best Choice?

We show our customers what digital teaching and learning are actually.

We see e-learning as a new way of applying pedagogical methods. At Klippe, our colleagues, with their pedagogical and psychological knowledge, do not offer approximate solutions from the IT point of view, but always adapt the appropriate technological solution to the best learning and teaching methods. For us, it is vital that we have a teaching qualification and that we are practicing teachers and trainers.

We provide our customers with vendor-independent solutions that they can implement without constraints and adapt to their processes. Our Team uses the most popular systems in the world (e.g., Moodle, Canvas) and works with the best software (e.g., Articulate Storyline 360, Rise 360, Adobe Captivate). Constantly monitoring the latest trends and tools, we are flexible to adapt to the evolution of technology.

For over 14 years, we’ve been in the dynamic world of e-learning. Throughout this journey, we took part in the successful deployment of over 50 LMSs, and crafted hundreds of engaging hours of digital learning content.
Our expertise spans the entire spectrum of e-learning development. Surveying, researching, designing, scripting, storytelling, motivating, graphics, video, project management, IT development, actors and narrators, content production, editing, localization, consulting, and teaching.

Our digital learning materials are dynamic, using innovative methodologies and technologies. We believe it is essential that our solutions are visual and creative. All our e-learning materials are designed with unique graphics, encouraging active learning and feeding participants’ intrinsic motivation. We believe that learning materials designed along these principles help our clients to deliver more effective and efficient training.

Our References

In most of the developments, our colleagues have been involved in designing and developing the systems and learning materials. From the conceptual design of the learning materials to the very end of the production process, the delivery of the learning materials.

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blended learning jelentése
learning experience platform

The Klippe Team

E-learning Content Teasers

Kell egy kis áramszünet

Need a little blackout

Summer holiday self-assessment questionnaire
(in Hungarian)

Fill in!
A húsvéti nyúl nyomában

Help to find the Easter Bunny

Interactive course about the Easter Bunny
(in Hungarian)

Help the Easter Bunny!
Karácsonyi tananyag

Merry Christmas!

Graphical animation teaching material about Christmas

Check out!

Happy Holidays!

Christmas game with music

Help Santa to deliver all the presents!
Learn how to learn!

Learn how to learn!

Interactive e-learning about how to learn online.


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